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Anonymous said: (other anon) When life is stressful and one is more overworked, it's more difficult to be consistent in a diet and have time to exercise. Also, we live in a society that lacks a culture that facilitates a healthier lifestyle. Less time to cook more nourishing food. Less knowledge of what habits are good and healthy.

There a so many factors that lead us to unhealthy lives, it’s exhausting.

Anonymous said: Sorry for insisting on this subject so much but I've noticed your blog gets a bit too negative at times so I wanted to give you a bit of positiveness and then when it seemed it wasn't working I got stubborn, haha. Maybe you can work out to music or while rewatching a show? I honestly hope you find your thing! Also, maybe you could have cereal bars at work or soup (though I don't know if there are many soups wo vegetables). Anyway, best of luck!

It’s funny, I used to eat a cereal bar everyday, then I used to eat yogurt with cereals, I guess, as everything I do, I lose… consistency, I lose the habit really quickly.

Somehow I’ll find a way when I get out of this black mess I’m now.

Thank you so much for your concern, honestly  ♥

Anonymous said: Ignore me if you want to but I am just trying to be helpful. Things do happen if you do something about it. That's the thing. You can get angry at me for saying this, you can get angry to the world for not being what you want of it, or you can do something. It's a challenge, of course, but it's up to you.

I was gonna answer you on the second message you sent me. Obviously this means a lot to you so I’ll try to comply.

Yes, my posts are queued, whether I reblog or not after your question is irrelevant since I don’t control the time when a post is gonna get published.

First, I don’t eat vegetables, at all. I may have two or three exceptions.

I’m already aware of the healthy habits I could start to be thinner, and even if I wasn’t , I have a lot of people in my house to tell me what should I do.

I don’t have much time to have an excersice rutine, I have a very odd work schedule and I’m left with very awkward times for possible excersice (extremely early morning, after lunch but with time for shower because I gotta get back to work and at night where I’m already a walking pulp begging for a soft surface) I actually tried a couple of times, I just need to find the thing I can do while doing other things because my spare time is extremely reduced and I don’t wanna spend it sweating, honestly.

Regarding eating every two or three hours, I was adviced of that too and I think is the best choice. It gets uncomfortable though since I can’t have proper meals at my work or devote the time to eat properly with a phone ringing every minute, but I’ll find a way, I just need to buy everything at once because leaving to buy something outside gets really complicated here too.

So, yeah, I read your message(s) and I’m not ignoring you (though I do think you went a little too far with this third message, maybe I wasn’t even online, you don’t know that)

Besides, it was just a reblog, because even if I would totally eat pizza for every lunch (and my mom too), that doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it.

Thanks for your concern though.


I want to be skinny but I also want pizza for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Do you feel me.